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more dress stuff.

Okay so mom and i realllllllly like the renn. dress. :)

This is the ideas that I had.

Is the dress.

So, The white one. The skirt in this pattern is all one piece. I don't like that. So, I'm thinking that I'd make a petticoat of sorts out of This jaquard material:

and then have the outside of it be sheer.

Also, make the sleeves in Sheer.

Then have the top be .....

Y'know what.. i'm lazy and don't want to fix the codes.. so here's my new idea.

Make a white silk skirt. Put it under white Chiffon.very sheer and very see through very pretty:

Do the bodice (corset) in the white jaquard. and do the sleeves in the chiffon as well.

Find a pretty purple to go as trim that matches Ben and Yun.

oOOo so pretty!!!!

Who thinks so too?
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