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Well, I called the place that i want to have the wedding at. I want to do it at Ft. Williams. When I called they said that non-residents have to call after January 2nd. It's going to cost 350$ for a non resident to rent either of the shelters for a whole day. We can either rent the bandstand or we can rent the picnic table area. I'm hoping for the bandstand. If we found someone who lives in Cape Elizabeth to reserve it for us, it would only cost 75$ with a 50$ security deposit that we would be getting back. We could do it on the grass for free, however unless we pay to rent either of these places at the ft. then we cannot set up chairs or tents or tables.

At least I know that the date is set and they said that no one has reserved anything for July yet resident or otherwise.

I'll see about posting pictures sometime when i get home. I'll have to take a drive over and see what it looks like. For everyone who's been there, what do you think? Any idea what would be good ideas for decorating?

Speaking of decorations and stuff, I'm planning on getting a lot of stuff from the dollar store. Easy, cheap, and still looks really nice. I'm also thinking that the decoration flowers are going to be fake. Silk maybe. And the bridesmaids and myself will have real flowers in a bouquet. I still don't know what flowers I want to have. I don't really like roses. But I don't really know what kind of flowers i like. I like lilacs, hydrangeas and hyacynths. But nothing really wedding bouquet-ish. i should probably look into that soon. Any suggestions? carnations are cute. and you can dye them any color too.... hmmm
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December 24 2006, 04:58:36 UTC 11 years ago

Do you like lilies? They make very nice wedding bouquets. Cutie dresses
Yes, lilies are pretty. I particularly like tiger lilies.