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How we met ~The Jeni version.

The story of how Jeff and I met is very long and drawn out b/c I have insomnia. ;)

This past June I had been reading cat0dancer 's livejournal and saw that he was still planning on being a guest this year. He invited me to come along and dance again this year. So I said sure why not. He was also doing the Casco Bay Caberet or what ever it is called. Now, as most of you know, I'm very codependent and don't like to do things by myself. cat0dancer wasn't at the Portcon Friday night b/c of the caberet so this meant that I had to find someone else to go with me. I called up a bunch of my friends, however most of them couldn't come. Ray had said that he possibly might be able to but then called me back on Friday to tell me that he had to work. I was rather bummed and thought that I just wouldn't go at all. I don't know why I didn't ask deshy to come along with me. I probably did and he said no.

Well, I got out of work on Friday and was in a dilemma. I had nothing to do and didn't know what I wanted to do. I had several options. So, I went home and decided to dress up. I put on a corset, my recital skirt, and my ears. Pulled up my hair, and dressed... well, like I do when I dance. I got in the car and headed... on 295 North b/c I chickened out. Then walker55 calls me, and I explain what's going on. He told me I needed to go to Portcon. I needed to get out of my funk and go by myself b/c I'd have a great time and he was sure that I'd meet someone important, and my life wouldn't be the same. I turned around and went to the Sheridan. I bought a 3 day pass, and started to wander from room to room. I didn't see anything really interesting going on. I saw that there were anime rooms, but nothing I liked or was remotely interested in, there were games going on but nothing I could join, there was karaeoke but they were on break. So I went back to the lobby and found out that there was this gameshow thing called X-treme Geek coming up. So I thought I'd stick around for it since there was only a small group of people standing out side the room.

Waiting for x-treme geek was interesting. The group outside waiting comprised of Yuffie, Inuyasha, Cloud, Freya (chobits NOT ff9), and a couple of normal people. Inuyasha broke her sleeve and asked me to help her find something to pin it with so I did. And as i was fixing it for her, I turned around towards the door to ballroom b, the room where the event was being held, and saw Ray. I said something along the lines of him being a brat and got ready to run and jump on him when 'Yasha pulled me over  and asked if I knew him, I said yes I go to school with him. Her response was huh.. That's weird, I talked to him too and he said he's in the navy up in Brunswick. Well, I decided to glomp whoever it was anyways. Just b/c I could. So I take a running leap and come at  him from accross the room. He was leaning against the wall and didn't balance well. After  we were in a pile on the floor together, this guy looks at me, and says "Hi, do I know you?" I said "Nope but you do now. My names Jena." We stayed on the floor and talked about stuff, stood around in front of the doors. Just general waiting for the show to begin.

As we wait we tell each other who we are what we do, and he tells me he's from Brunswick. To me, that seemed far enough away, not to drive down too much, so I asked him where he was planning on staying. He said he planned on going back home and didn't know if he was going to be coming down again. I told him that I had a very comphy futon and that he was more than welcome to come and stay at my place as it was close to the maul area and PortCon closes after midnight-ish. He thought about it a little bit and decided that he would come over with me, and we'd watch some anime. We hung out a bit more decided to leave extreme geek after watching the limbo and before the projectile vomiting contest. We wandered into the Kareoke room and it was up and running again, so he watched me sing and picked out some songs for me to do.

After Kareoke we went back to my house and watched some Jubei-chan and fell asleep. The rest of the weekend, he stayed wit me and I havn't been able to get rid of him ever since! ;) Not that I'm complaining.
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